2017 Solar Eclipse in Paducah

2017 Solar Eclipse
Photo: Luc Viatour / https://Lucnix.be

You don’t need a special occasion to make a visit to Paducah, Kentucky, but, just in case you do, why not visit for a total solar eclipse? The 2017 solar eclipse takes place next month and is a short event that you won’t want to miss!

A total solar eclipse is when the moon completely blocks the sun, resulting in a dark sky where only the sun’s corona is visible. This year, the solar eclipse will take place on August 21st and last around 2 minutes and 19 seconds. During that time, Paducah will experience darkness, but there’s much more to see in Paducah!

In celebration of the solar eclipse, there’s a whole host of eclipse events being planned leading up to August 21st. Eclipse viewing events will be held at the Challenger Learning Center and McCracken County Library. Some of the best viewing areas will include the Paducah Riverfront and Fountain Avenue Health Park.

It would be wise to try to arrive a day prior to the eclipse to avoid any scheduling snags due to bad traffic. The 2017 solar eclipse only happens once, so be sure to head to Paducah to see it for yourself!

We here at Linwood Hyundai of Paducah hope to see you in August for the solar eclipse!

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