Get Ready for Hot Models in Hyundai’s Future Lineup

Hyundai Veloster Turbo

Reliable, efficient, comfortable and full of useful features — these are descriptors that might get used when discussing the Hyundai lineup. According to SangYup Lee, Hyundai’s vice president of design, the brand wants to add some new types of expectations to its future lineup. The goal? To make vehicles that are “sexier than Alfa Romeo.”


The company first hinted at its plans to launch a new brand of styling when it debuted the Le Fil Rouge concept car at the Geneva Motor Show last March. It’s a sleek, four-door coupe with sweeping lines as smooth as water. After seeing it, we at Linwood Hyundai definitely wanted more like it from Hyundai.


In his interview with Automotive News, Lee discussed Hyundai’s goal for bringing this type of sexy, sleek styling to the upcoming lineup, and how part of this mission is to bring that type of attractive, breathtaking styling to a volume brand.


Lee also mentioned that this new styling will contribute to the updates required to keep the sedan segment relevant and exciting in a market where crossovers and SUVs are becoming the more popular choice. As the company prepares to add a Le Fil Rouge-inspired car to the lineup sometime in the next year, the long-term goal is to make futuristic, beautiful styling an addition to the Hyundai standards of good value and long-lasting, efficient engineering.

WaiveCar Rental Program: An Eco-Friendly Revolution

Hyundai recently made news by partnering with WaiveCar. In fact, WaiveCar made an appearance on the TV series “Shark Tank,” demonstrating the future of mobility. This eco-friendly technology caters to the everyday demands, offering drivers in Los Angeles a fleet of all-new Ioniq cars as part of a rental program.

According to Hyundai, the WaiveCar rental program lets drivers rent a car for up to two hours for free, with an additional $5.99 charge per hour of use. Basically, you can hop behind the wheel of an eco-friendly Hyundai Ioniq when you need a ride and return the car at your convenience. Not only does this system provide easy access to affordable driving options, but it may also reduce gridlock and harmful emissions.

As Hyundai’s press release articulates, “WaiveCar users […] have access to a fleet of all-new Ioniq electric and hybrid models. The Ioniq delivers an uncompromising design and driving experience coupled with the latest in safety and convenience technologies, as well as marking a major step in eco-focused driving.”

The “sharks” on “Shark Tank” were impressed with the concept in an episode that aired at the end of October. While WaiveCar is currently in its early stages, it may soon be an option available around the country. We at Linwood Hyundai Paducah can’t wait to see if the system comes to our area.